As you know, we have been working with our vendor, FFW, to make certain that the CSI homepage is Level “AA” ADA compliant. We have made many changes along the way but the final modification is changing the menu navigation from four levels to two. The plan is to move, where applicable, certain items up from the third level to the second level and eliminate the fourth level. We are not removing any pages–they can all still be accessed via left-hand navigation menus.  This change to the menu allows for tab key navigation, a strict requirement to reach AA compliance.

We plan on implementing the new menu next Friday, Mar. 15 by the end of business. You may notice a slight interruption or sluggishness on the site as we move the changes into production. This will be temporary. In order for us to implement these final changes,  no updates can be made to the site as of 9:00am Wednesday, Mar. 13 until we go live on Friday, Mar. 15. If you have necessary updates, please be certain to have them in by Tuesday so they can be carried over to the new site. For those of you working with faculty and their profiles, please pass this information to your faculty population.

Thank you for your cooperation.