With the academic year starting up again, we wanted to be sure that students know the benefits of studying abroad during their undergraduate career. They often come back with more confidence, independence, and a greater understanding of the world and global relationships. I know that you share our desire to have more CSI students study abroad so they can engage in this life changing growing experience. 

While many of our students seek us out to learn about the wonderful opportunities we offer through the College, faculty and staff encouragement is the key to motivating our students to take the initiative to study abroad.  In short, our students need your help and we need your help.  I’m asking two small favors of you:

1.      Please encourage everyone to attend our Study Abroad Fair on Tuesday, Feb. 18.

2.      Please consider scheduling a brief study abroad presentation to your classes. Our advisors stand by the ready to speak with your students about the opportunities open to them.  Most of these presentations take no more than a few minutes of class time and we’ll work around your schedule. To schedule a class visit, please email Debbie Bruno at deborah.bruno@csi.cuny.edu with your contact details and the details of your course (title, number, and preferred date and time for the class visit).  If you have any immediate questions, you can also call Debbie at 718.982.2103.

As a final note, while you might already know that most financial aid applies and significant scholarships are available, you might not have heard that CSI students who attend the fair have a chance to win a $500 grant to study on a CSI program abroad and CSI students may apply for many scholarships awarded through the Center.

Thank you for your support.

By Stephen Ferst EdD