Since the news of COVID-19 has reached us, facilities has enhanced the methods and procedures used in the daily cleaning and sanitizing of our campus, with more frequent use of disinfectants with attention to hard surfaces and frequently-touched items such as door handles, handrails, faucets, and light switches. Additionally, Facilities has increased the use of our Kaivacs to provide deep cleaning pressure washing to campus restrooms. Facilities is rotating through buildings on a daily basis. This past weekend, the restrooms in 1L and 1R and the 1R locker rooms were deep cleaned. 1C and 1P restrooms were deep cleaned this week.  

Facilities staff is working around the clock, with most detailed work being completed in the evenings and overnight. Since we are diverting custodians to do more sanitizing and disinfecting, some areas will experience a delay in basic services (for example, garbage pickup) we are working to minimize those delays. In addition, there are many locations that are not accessible to custodial staff; we are keeping a list of those locations and will ask for your assistance in scheduling access for cleaning. Please know that our Custodial Supervisors and staff is working very hard to keep up with the demand.  

The University has requested that we use Monday and Tuesday of next week to deep clean and sanitize; however, given our expansive campus, we have engaged an outside cleaning vendor to discuss supplemental services. The University’s recommended cleaning vendor is on campus today conducting a walk through, giving particular attention to large buildings, 1R/2R, 1P, 1C, Library and the residence halls. I will share more information on the deep cleaning plan as soon as it is available.  

I cannot stress enough the importance of frequent and thorough hand washing with soap and water. Although our custodial staff are working hard to keep the environment as clean as they can, we can all help prevent the spread of germs by getting into a daily routine of wiping down our own equipment and supplies. As you are aware, there is a nationwide shortage of hand sanitizer and personal disinfecting wipes. While we work on obtaining hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes, staff members can help keep their personal areas germ free by using cleaning solutions of diluted bleach or alcohol in a spray bottle. The CDC provided instructions on how to make such solutions. My team reached out directly to the State to inquire about obtaining Purell through NYS business Corcraft but were told their product was back-ordered as well. As supplies become available, we will do our best to provide to the campus community.

Many of you are concerned about the lack of hot water in certain buildings. Hot water heater installations should be completed by Monday. However; there are some restrooms that require the installation of circulator pumps that heat the water going to directly to specific sinks; this work will continue through next week.  

As of today, Ferry Shuttle, Loop Bus, and Accommodation Van services are running according to the published schedule . First Transit, the vendor providing campus bus services, has implemented a disinfecting procedure that meets CDC regulations. Any changes to the current service schedule will be communicated and posted.  

The Division appreciates your continued support as we work through this emergency.

By Hope Berte