Welcome to the Faculty Center Information Hub.

Due to the unprecedented events before us due to the COVID-19 virus, it has become imperative for instructors to switch from their current instructional modality to a fully online format. Over the last few days, it has become abundantly clear there is a lot of competing and confusing information being circulated that is further muddying the implementation waters. Therefore, in order to assist all faculty with the monumental task of moving courses completely online, the Faculty Center for Professional Development staff has put together a team of emergency personnel, consisting of Academic Technology Manager and CSI Blackboard Administrator Michael Castelli, Academic Technology Specialist Fausto Canella, and former CSI Blackboard Administrator Kristen Lindtvedt to assist you all with the tasks needed to complete the curriculum transfer process by the Thursday, Mar. 19 deadline set by CUNY.

To better assist you, the Faculty Center has put in place a new interactive online training center called the Faculty Center Information Hub. The Information Hub will be available to all teaching faculty and staff, as well as those designated by Department Heads and Deans as being vital to the instructional process. The Information Hub will contain complete access to Blackboard training materials and workshops, emergency request and general help discussion boards, real-time chat options, and full access to the Center team in place to assist you. It will also include a full schedule of virtual training workshops, all of which will be conducted by Faculty Center staff members from 9:00am to 8:00pm until Friday, Mar. 20. 

We are here to help you. The Information Hub is your direct connection to us and we will be giving full access to our dedicated team to assist each and every one of you in any way we possibly can. It is our goal to help your faculty be successful during the remainder of this semester and beyond, and as the days and weeks progress, we will be uploading every bit of pertinent information needed for folks to successfully run their classes for the remainder of the semester, fully online within Blackboard.  

Please be assured that during this quickly changing and confusing time, the Faculty Center is fully prepared to assist you. Its newly created “Information Hub” is a direct connection to the assistance needed to complete the curriculum format transition. It provides full access to the dedicated team in place, all of whom are able to assist you with your online course needs during the remainder of this semester and beyond.

By Kristen Lindvedt