As part of our shift to distance learning in response to COVID-19, CUNY has obtained 25,000 iPads and Chromebooks that will be distributed to students who do not currently have access to technology. These should arrive by the end of the week, and another 25K are set to arrive the following week. In order to determine who should receive these, IT services sent out the email copied below, and Financial Aid and the Budget Office are determining which students with the greatest financial need should receive devices first if they need them. We anticipate having some devices available for faculty and staff needs, if the student demand does not exceed our allocations. Some of you have been assessing the needs of students in your classes who do not have access to technology–please continue to forward those to your Dean’s office so we can cross-check with the student survey results.

So far, our transition to distance learning has gone remarkably smoothly, and I deeply appreciate how all of you have pitched in–particularly those with previous expertise in these areas who have shared their knowledge with your peers. Thanks to all of you for your dedication to our students during this unprecedented and sudden change in the way we deliver knowledge.

By J. Michael Parrish


Information Technology Services is inquiring about your technology needs as you continue to participate in distance learning. We have been informed by the University that CSI will be acquiring a limited number of devices that we will be able to loan to students in order to support your remote learning activities. In order for the College to get a gauge of your technology requirements, we are requesting that you complete the Mobile Device Loan Request Form. Please understand that due to a limited amount of equipment, we are unable to fulfill all requests. In addition, by submitting this form, there is no guarantee that you will be receiving a device. We will be following a methodology established by CUNY in order to determine who is qualified. Please return this survey by March 25, 2020; 12:00 Noon. Thank you as always for your continued support as we work together during this stressful time.

Information Technology Services