CSI is following the guidance provided by the CUNY Research Office to support research continuity while maintaining the safety of all involved (personnel, human and animal subjects, and public health). The section on Research Continuity is excerpted below. Please check the CUNY Research Office Website for information and updates, useful links to Federal agencies, and frequently asked questions.  

For any questions relating to continuity of research conducted with animals or involving interactions with humans at CSI, please contact Dr. Angela Cartmell-McGlyn, CSI’s Human and Animal Research Protections Manager (angela.cartmellmcglyn@csi.cuny.edu | 718.982.3867).  For additional information regarding non-IACUC materials, please contact our EHS Manager, James Saccardo (james.saccardo@csi.cuny.edu | 718.982.3906). We are working with the Deans to ensure back-up plans to cover any research equipment that needs regular attention.  We will follow the guidance from Campus Planning and Facilities regarding equipment use and protocols for the cleaning of shared research equipment.

As announced earlier today, the Undergraduate Conference will not take place in the in-person format. We are exploring other opportunities for students and mentors to showcase their work. The deadline for submissions has been extended to Wednesday, Mar. 25. Check the Conference Website for further information and updates.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

By Margaret-Ellen (Mel) Pipe, PhD