While the events of this term have required that we move away from our traditional campus-based formats and engage in more remote forms of learning and sharing, we should not turn away from the pressing global issues that remain present. Our World on Wednesday lecture series was designed to bring a glimpse of the larger global environment to all of us at CSI. The spring 2020 series continued as planned but were delivered via recordings in an online format. Many of you have had the opportunity to watch these lectures already but we wanted to ensure that you still had the chance to see them again, or for the first time.

As such, we are delighted to announce the Spring 2020 World on Wednesday (WOW) Lecture Series featuring faculty and staff from across the campus are now all archived online and you can view these at your leisure until the end of August 2020.

March 18 (Original air date)

Title: Fulbright U.S. Student Program Opportunity

Speaker:  Michele Callahan, Fellowship and Scholarship Opportunities

Summary: Michele Callahan, Scholarship Advisor from the Fellowship and Scholarship Office speaks about the Fulbright U.S. Student Program opportunity for the CSI community. Come and learn about this prestigious program.

View online.

March 25 (Original air date)      

Title:  The Gender Pay Gap around the World

Speaker:  Alyson Bardsley, Women’s Center

Summary: Women’s Equal Pay Day in the U.S. for 2020 was Tuesday, Mar. 31. To highlight this occasion, Dr. Alyson Bardsley, Associate Professor in the English Department and the Program in Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies, and co-Director of the Bertha Harris Women’s Center, presented on the causes and effects of gender-based pay inequality in several international contexts.

View online.

April 22 (Original air date)

Title:  Antisemitism – A History of Hate

Speaker: Amy Posner, Hillel Multifaith Center and Mr. Arthur Spielman, a holocaust survivor

Summary: Amy Posner, Multifaith Center, Hillel at the College of Staten Island will give an introduction to antisemitism from a historical perspective and how it is manifested today. Mr. Arthur Spielman, who lived through those times, will share his early life experience. Come and listen to a first-hand and personal experience of a holocaust survivor’s story.

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April 29 (Original air date)

Title:  Bulgaria-The Land of Roses

Speaker: Grozdena Yilmaz, Biology

Summary: Dr. Grozdena Yilmaz , MPA, PA-C from the Biology Department will share with you the beauty of Bulgaria, a Balkan nation with its natural variety of mountains, plains, lakes, and rivers.

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ALL events are CC CLUE. Please contact winnie.brophy@csi.cunhy.edu if you have any questions.

By the Center for Global Engagement