CUNY CIS will be upgrading the Turnitin Blackboard building block late in the evening on Friday, June 19. While the building block is being upgraded, you and your students may experience momentary connection issues while attempting to use Turnitin. This maintenance upgrade is being performed to address a known issue where opening a student’s submitted paper from the Needs Grading View or from within the Blackboard Grade Center causes no submission or the incorrect submission to be displayed. Student submissions open correctly when accessed through the Turnitin Assignment tool listed under Course Tools on your course Control Panel.  No new functionality is being introduced at this time.

We strongly encourage all instructors to access student Turnitin Assignment submissions via the Turnitin Assignments tool on the course Control Panel and not the Grade Center to ensure full functionality of the Turnitin building block. Turnitin submissions accessed via the Blackboard Grade Center may not function properly. 

Please feel free to contact the Faculty Center’s Blackboard support team at with questions, concerns, or your thoughts on the process. 

​ By Michael Castelli