We invite you to take advantage of the following OER tutorials in July, which are available to you through CUNY’s membership in the CCCOER.  

The spread of COVID-19 has required a rapid response by educators to meet student needs. CSI has transitioned to distance learning for the summer semester, and there is still uncertainty about the nature of instruction for the coming fal semester. Many instructors might find themselves looking for resources that are easily accessible and don’t require an in-person visit to the Library. Open Educational Resources are freely available online, and have been licensed by the creators so that copyright restrictions are not a barrier to open use. At a time of economic distress for many of our students, who may be out of work and/or facing additional financial burdens due to COVID-19, zero-cost OER textbooks and learning materials can make education much more affordable and easily accessible at this time. To learn more about OER, please go online.

By the Division of Academic Affairs