We wanted to contact you about the textbook lists for the Fall 2020 term. This fall will look different from past fall semesters, but we want to be sure that all professors put in their book lists well ahead of time so that we, as a school, are able to comply with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), which mandates that all instructors provide students with early access to detailed book lists for each class, including the title, cost, and ISBN identifier.  

Being in compliance is more important this semester than ever before as so many aspects of the upcoming term are up in the air. It is our responsibility to get this information to the students so they can start to plan their semester as best as they can under the circumstances. We understand that things may not be set in stone, but book orders can always be adjusted or canceled closer to the start of term, if needed.


-Books ordered through the Bookstore will be listed next to your course/section on CUNYfirst – you need not do anything further.  

-If you do not order your books through the Bookstore, you must enter the detailed information relating to your required books directly into CUNYfirst via the Self-Service Tab. Faculty can copy textbooks for multiple sections and from one term to another.

-If you do not have any required books/materials, enter this in CUNYfirst, as above.

CUNY’s Office of Academic Affairs monitors our compliance with the HEOA and expects us to have at least 95% of our textbooks listed – help us meet that target now.

Most importantly, having course and book information available early provides students with the maximum choice – to buy new or used textbooks, rent their textbooks, or shop the Internet for additional savings, as well as to get a head start on their studies. Through the Bookstore’s rental program, an increasingly popular option, students can rent the required books at a considerable savings – up to 80% – over the purchase of a new book.

For help in the process of ordering your textbooks, please go online, and click on Faculty Resources, which will take you to Faculty Enlight. You can also contact the Bookstore Manager, Nicole Kempster, by email at nicole.kempster@csi.cuny.edu.

By Nicole Kempster