A summary of recent news over the past few days from various sources is now online

The big news would be a board resolution on reopening to be voted on today:

[7/9 Board resolution re F20]

RESOLVED, That the Board of Trustees endorses the University’s decision to extend the offering of its academic courses and programs for as many of its academic courses and support services as is reasonably practicable, in an online modality and remote format for the Fall Semester 2020 — with exceptions being made for courses that cannot be effectively delivered at a distance, such as those courses which are highly experiential, or services that involve some form of tangible exchange, such as food pantries, provided they meet New York State and University guidelines for on-site instruction or delivery; and that the Chancellor shall take such actions as are reasonable and necessary to give effect to the foregoing;

RESOLVED, Subject to the prevailing conditions and circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic emergency and the approval of NYSED to extend such offerings of online courses in academic programs at that time, the University’s decision for the extension of the online and distance learning modality and remote services for the majority of the University’s academic courses, programs and support services for the Fall Semester 2020, shall be conditionally extended to the Spring Semester 2021, as reasonably necessary.

This is taken from a running collection of news being compiled by the College Council and Faculty Senate Executive Committees.

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Be safe.

By John Verzani