Here is the latest summary of Academic Guidance from CUNY. A summary of new and updated sections is presented below.

  • Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Instructional Modalities: Preparations for a Largely Virtual Spring 2021 Semester; Conditions for COVID-19 College Closures
  • Shared Governance and HR Issues: Updated Labor Provisions Concerning the 2020-2021 Academic Calendar; Untenured Faculty Reassigned Time.
  • Distance Learning Platforms, Tools, and Resources: Student Technology Needs Form; iPAD Trainings; Remote Proctoring Solutions
  • University Admissions: Immunization Requirements
  • Academic Policies, Requirements, and Deadlines: Extension of Deadline to Withdraw from Courses; Guidelines Regarding Requiring the Use of Cameras during Live Classes
  • Financial Aid and Other Types of Support: Chancellor’s Emergency Relief Fund

The entire document is online. As has been the case previously, this includes all items contained in previous CUNY academic guidance memos, as well as the new additions.

By Michael Parrish