As CSI enters the third week of the fall semester, I want to provide an update on campus re-entry. On September 1, Building 6S was re-opened for limited research activities. So far, the Research re-entry committee has approved eight site safety plans for individual research labs that have been authorized to begin research efforts in their labs in 6S. Unfortunately, only 6S is open at this time, and we may need to investigate how to house some research activities in that building for researchers normally housed in other buildings.  

The reason that 6S is the only academic building currently open has to do with the state of the air handling systems on our campus. Since 6S is the newest of our academic buildings, it was relatively easy to bring the air systems up to New York State standards. We continue to assess buildings 5N and 5S, which are waiting on the delivery of additional supplies and materials. One portion of the 5N basement was upgraded recently to house an anatomy lab, and the new forced-air ventilation for that area meets state standards, so it can be used as part of the DPT classes that need to be held in person over the next few weeks. The remaining portions of these classes will be taught in and around 6S.   

Currently, the DPT program courses are the only in-person classes being held on campus. We should be approving some more hybrid classes for limited face-to-face instruction in the coming weeks. VP Berte and I will be working with the Deans and chairs to see when and where we can safely accommodate not only instruction, but other on-campus activities.  

You may be aware that Dolphin Cove is currently open for reduced occupancy. Students are participating in classes online as usual, and social distancing and other cautionary processes are in place. Details of the re-opening process for these facilities can be found online​.   

Students are also able to visit the campus bookstore to pick up class materials by appointment. The Deans and Directors are also continuing to approve requests for short campus visits by faculty and staff to collect materials and perform other essential tasks.   

Anyone who is authorized to come to campus for any reason should download and use the Everbridge app for health screening, and complete the screening form on the app before approaching the gate.  Details can be found online.

By J. Michael Parrish