I wanted faculty, students, and staff to be aware of the CUNY Office of Legal Affairs’s position on the use of remote Proctoring Software. My understanding is that CUNY is still working on the possibility of making proctoring software available for use, hopefully by mid-semester.

“It is important to recognize that students may not be compelled to agree to the terms and conditions of proctoring solutions procured by the University, Colleges, Programs, and/or those which may be bundled in with specific textbooks. When in doubt, please refer to the following guidance from our Office of General Counsel regarding this matter:

The Office of Legal Affairs (OGC) has reviewed the Terms and Conditions of several online testing application services and it is OGC’s position that faculty cannot compel students to accept the corresponding tools “Terms and Conditions” and that in the event students do not accept the terms, faculty must provide students reasonable assessment accommodations to demonstrate they meet the course learning requirements.

By Michael Parrish