CSI English Language Institute serves students from around the world. Above: The 2019 Class on the first day of their studies.

The English Language Institute (ELI) at the College of Staten Island/The City University of New York (CUNY) is pleased to welcome 35 students from Chuo University, located in Tokyo, Japan, into our virtual classroom for three weeks during the ELI Spring 2021 semester.

In keeping with recommended guidelines, ELI switched to an online mode where English sessions have been offered virtually. The English as a Second Language (ESL) classes in reading, writing, conversation, grammar, and TOEFL prep sessions have been a regular feature of its offerings. ELI’s partner, Chuo University, will attend the Spring 2021 semester with English classes and additional lectures on business, management, and economics. Chuo University students will share classes with other international students at ELI from Asia, Latin America, and Europe. This unique program with Chuo will be exciting and interesting for all involved. ELI faculty will deliver these sessions in New York City while the students attend at their remote locations in Staten Island, elsewhere in the U.S., or in their home countries.

ELI Director, Mr. Gonzalo Villena, noted that, “This will be a great opportunity to take advantage of technology, show willingness to learn, and share your culture by learning a language.” ELI is an integral component of CSI’s commitment to global engagement through the Center for Global Engagement (CGE), which develops and delivers international experiences for students, faculty, and the community. CGE Executive Director, Dr. Stephen Ferst, commented “This newest partnership, developed through the English Language Institute offers a pathway to develop a deeper relationship with Chou University in Tokyo. We are exploring student and faculty exchanges, joint course programming, and joint research opportunities.”

“Universities, institutions, and individual students are invited to join next semester’s English language programming, during mornings or evenings, from the comfort of their own homes, and with the same educational quality delivered on campus. Our ESL faculty members are TESOL-certified and have taught English both in person and online for many years. ELI teachers use modern technology and pedagogy to ensure the online instruction is relevant and enriching in the same way as in an on-campus classroom,” Villena added. The Spring 2021 semester term will begin January 19 and continue through May 14, and Chuo University students will attend between February 22 and March 12, 2021.

Chuo University is one of the top Japanese institutions, with renowned international initiatives,  and more than 198 agreements in more than 36 countries and regions. Professor Shun-itsu Nakasako, Vice Dean and Global Studies Short-term Study Abroad Coordinator of the Faculty of Global Management at Chuo University, commented “We are all excited that our students will be taking online classes offered by the College of Staten Island (CSI) in New York. Once the situation of COVID-19 settles down, we will send our students to CSI. We all wish at Chuo University that our relationship with CSI, will become a lot closer. We always highly appreciate the hard and dedicated work by CSI for our students.”

ELI is proud of this new partnership and looks forward to strengthening the ties with future projects. The College of Staten Island extends its warmest welcome to Chuo University and its students and wishes a great online experience learning English and more about the business world in these challenging times.

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By the English Language Institute and the Center for Global Engagement