As you know, the current snowstorm has caused the CSI campus to close for the safety of students and staff alike. Because of the storm and resulting closure, the Bookstore was unable to open on Monday, Feb. 1,  and all scheduled textbook pick-up appointments had to be rescheduled. Any online orders that were placed over the weekend will not be processed until the campus reopens. In addition, any online orders that were packaged on Friday evening will not go out until we reopen. These factors may cause delays in students getting physical books and access cards from the Bookstore and we wanted you to be aware of these possible delays. We anticipate that these momentary delays will result in a one- to two-day lag. We recognize how early access to textbooks contributes to student success. In as much as it is possible and within our control, we will work to ensure that further delays are minimized. Please feel free to contact to me if you have any questions.  

By Nicole Kempster