The Core 100 Program would like to thank Professor Lauren Bock Mullins, Assistant Professor in the Management Department at the Lucille and Jay Chazanoff School of Business, for her time and effort to produce a lecture for the Spring 2021 Core Lecture Series.

Title of the Lecture: “The Intersectionality of Race and Gender in a Post-COVID World,”  

Description:  This Core lecture discusses our co-authored study on federal work-life programs in relation to women and minorities. It explores how intersectionality is tied to the UN Sustainable Development goal of gender equality, and the effects of the COVID pandemic on women and minorities. 

Link to Lecture

Biography:  Lauren Bock Mullins is an Assistant Professor in the Management Department at the Lucille and Jay Chazanoff School of Business. She conducts gender and social equity research in relation to various management topics. She received her Doctorate in Public Administration from Rutgers School of Public Affairs and Administration and holds a Master’s degree in Human Rights from Columbia University. Her most recent coauthored work includes “Supervision of Telework: A Key to Organizational Performance,” in The American Review of Public Administration (2021);  “Gender Responsive Budgeting and the COVID-19 Pandemic Response: A Feminist Standpoint,” in Administrative Theory & Praxis (2020); and “The Effects of Family Responsibilities Discrimination on Public Employees’ Satisfaction and Turnover Intentions: Can Flexible Work Arrangements Help?” in Review of Public Personnel Administration (2020).

By the Division of Academic Affairs