The 2021 STEM for All Video Showcase of the Teacher Education Honors Academy at the College of Staten Island is available for viewing online from now until Tuesday, May 18.

The Teacher Education Honors Academy at CSI has had grant funding from the National Science Foundation since 2009. There are 40 CSI Noyce graduates teaching mathematics, biology, chemistry, and physics in 14 high-needs high schools and three high-needs middle schools—almost all on Staten Island. Tenure has been awarded to 100% of eligible Noyce graduates. The retention rate after two years of teaching is 97%, which is significant when compared to the national average of STEM teacher retention of less than 50%. One factor that has contributed to this high retention rate is the host school internship program and that is what this video highlights.

To view a three-minute video on “5 Steps to Effective Partnerships,” please go online.

By Jane Coffee