Given the changing NYS and CUNY guidance on gatherings, the College of Staten Island would like to offer the Class of 2021 an opportunity to celebrate together on campus for brief, informal “Grad Walks” in early to mid-June.

Grad Walks are NOT Commencement ceremonies. The virtual Commencement ceremony, which will be released on May 27, 2021, at 9:30am, remains the official celebration. The Grad Walks ARE an opportunity for students to have a short, informal celebration of their achievement with their classmates. 

We are quickly working to develop these Grad Walks and submit our plan to CUNY for their approval. Given the various guidelines and rules, these are the parameters we have identified thus far:

*Groups of up to 180 students would visit campus. We will try to group students by major/department, if feasible.
*There would be two Grad Walks scheduled per day.
*Students will wear caps and gowns, hear their name called, have a professional photograph taken, and be cheered on by a small group of faculty and staff.
*The Grad Walks will mainly occur outside in the walkway between the Library (Building 1L) and the water fountain.
* Due to the size limits on gatherings of this type, these events are for graduates only, so we will not permit students to bring guests.
*These events will be livestreamed.

Time is of the essence, and we are focused on producing an engaging and meaningful event for the Class of 2021. Thus, we must limit these events to fewer than 200 people (including employees) to avoid further delays with the permit application process. 

While we are aware that the current COVID-19 guidelines are frequently changing, we believe the Grad Walks provide an opportunity for our graduates to safely celebrate on campus during the Commencement season since it takes approximately four months to plan the traditional outdoor ceremony.

By Jennifer S. Borrero, JD