Welcome to the Fall 2021 semester. Having students, faculty, and staff back on campus is exciting. As we are still straddling the gulf between online, hybrid, and in-person instruction, I wanted to emphasize a few points that, it is hoped, will clarify how we will operate this semester.

As you know, there are three approved modes of instruction–in-person, hybrid, and online. These are set now and should not be changed by the deans, chairs, or faculty. The notable exception to this is the classes that were asked to delay in-person meetings this week to allow more time for vaccinated students to get their records entered into CUNYfirst so that we can provide appropriate social distancing for in-person classes. At present, it is expected that those classes will resume their in-person modes of instruction starting next Monday.

Hybrid classes should be just that – a combination of in-person meetings and online sessions. Faculty are afforded considerable flexibility in the mix between online and in-person meetings. The expectations for mode of instruction and how to participate in the course should be clearly communicated to students via Blackboard and/or through outreach to the students via email.

Some students may participate in hybrid or in-person classes via Hyflex and enhanced hybrid classrooms. 

However, those students will have to adhere to the same guidelines regarding vaccination and enrollment. Thus an unvaccinated student cannot participate in either a hybrid or in-person class through Hyflex after Monday, Sept. 27. 

Thanks for your attention to these issues.

By J. Michael Parrish