Monday marks the day we begin to welcome back many of our staff who have been working remotely during the pandemic. We are also getting ready to welcome our resident students back into Dolphin Cove, and in a few short days following, students and faculty will return for CSI’s first day of classes. I understand that there are still questions and uncertainty that surround our campus life and our re-entry.

We have reached a historic moment at the College that we have never traversed before, but I am comforted knowing that a great many individuals have contributed to our re-opening, many working day and night and tirelessly to ensure our safe arrival to campus. I also know that for all of our efforts, we will need to be patient and allow for adjustments to policy and procedures as we, and the world, continue to persevere in the midst of the pandemic. As we have always shown at CSI, the ability to work together and stay resilient to support our students in their pursuits remains our greatest strength, and I sincerely look forward to that effort in the coming days.

I want to take a moment to thank you all for your continued support and engagement in the re-entry process, and your unwavering commitment to our students and to one another.

By William J. Fritz