As we welcome back our campus community, I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the process that will take place regarding campus entry.

We will have both the main gate and D-gate (Forest Hill Road) open to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. During peak hours, vehicles accessing the campus via Victory Boulevard will be directed to continue past the main gate booth to the three-way intersection to present their clearance pass to access the campus. Pedestrians walking onto the campus will present their pass to the officer at the walkway entrance. During off-peak hours, this process will take place at the main gate booth. The D-gate will be open Monday-Friday from 7:30am to 6:00pm, individuals entering from this gate will present their clearance pass prior to entry.

During the testing sites’ hours of operation, those who require a test will be directed to the site location in the Center for the Arts (1P) Art Gallery, short-term parking for testing is available in front of the building.

The Ferry Shuttle will continue its route from the Ferry Terminal to the campus. It will proceed directly to the front of 1P, where the verification of the clearance pass, testing appointments, and walk-in testing of individuals who are disembarking the bus will take place. The Loop Bus will pick-up just inside the main gate at the bus shelter. This bus will also proceed directly to 1P where all passengers will disembark and present their clearance pass.

Upon the opening of the St. George site, the clearance pass verification will take place at the reception desk. If COVID testing is required, individuals will need to complete the testing process at the 1P testing site or at another CUNY facility that is open for COVID testing.

Welcome back.

By Michael Lederhandler