CUNY announced a critical policy change and reminder last Friday afternoon. 

In summary, beginning on Thursday, Oct. 7, 2021, testing ceases to be an avenue for unvaccinated remote-only students to access the campus. This change means that any student who is still unvaccinated AND needs to come to campus for ANY reason will need to get the single shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine by Thursday, Sept. 23 to meet the Oct. 7 deadline. 

Otherwise, remote-only students will not be permitted on campus (with a few exceptions) until fully vaccinated–a two to-six-week process depending on the brand of vaccine you receive–and the proof you uploaded into CUNYfirst is approved.

Those taking in-person or hybrid courses are still being held to the Oct. 7 deadline to be fully vaccinated. Vaccine cards must be uploaded in CUNYfirst. Failure to do so will subject students taking in-person or hybrid courses to potential academic withdrawal from their classes that could also impact their financial aid and make them ineligible for refunds on their courses. 

By Jennifer S. Borrero, JD