Yesterday morning, I received a heartbreaking call, notifying me that Debbie Mahoney, my Administrative Assistant of 14 years, had passed away. Bonnie and I are devastated, as are all those who knew and worked closely with her. ​Debbie was such an important member of the President’s Office, as well as the College, and more importantly, a wonderful friend, mentor, and confidant.  

When I first arrived at the College of Staten Island, Debbie was the first person to greet me and show me the ropes. Since that day, Debbie has been by my side throughout my time as Provost and as President, keeping me on schedule, making sure I meet deadlines, greeting everyone as they enter the office, and ensuring a friendly and professional environment for anyone who visits. She was hardworking, dedicated, and passionate. I never worried when Debbie was around, as I knew that she was on top of everything that needed to get done, and she never let me down.  

I am so saddened for her family, her mother, husband, and two children, who survived her.  This is truly a devastating loss for all who knew and loved her. 

Debbie started at the College as a College Assistant in 1988, before being appointed as a CUNY Office Assistant and then promoted to a CUNY Administrative Assistant. During her 33 years at CSI, Debbie worked in different departments, making many friends along the way.

For all of her friends and colleagues at the College of Staten Island, I am truly sorry for your loss. Debbie was a remarkable woman and we will never forget her.

Human Resources will send out information on services once received.

By William J. Fritz