Please consider attending the professional development opportunity below, from the Teaching Matters series, offered by the CUNY Innovative Teaching Academy.

By Ralf M. Peetz, PhD

Dear Colleagues,

I believe this next event in the Teaching Matters series will be of interest to many of you and your faculty and colleagues—please help us to circulate it widely as this event is free, virtual, and open to all CUNY faculty and staff: 

Accessibility as Good Pedagogy: Universal Design for Inclusive Learning on November 12 @ 11am-12pm EST

Providing an inclusive learning environment and educational materials that are accessible for all students is as much a matter of sound pedagogy as it is a legal requirement. Join us for an interactive workshop on accessibility in teaching and learning with the diverse student population at CUNY in mind, and a discussion on how integrating principles of Universal Design in Learning (UDL) will not only help accommodate students with disabilities, but also address the various educational needs of all students. Read more about UDL in teaching and learning.

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The presenters are Associate Director Antonia Levy and Instructional Design Specialist Michelle Gastulo, both from the Office of Faculty Development and Instructional Technology (OFDIT) at the CUNY School of Professional Studies (SPS).

More about the Teaching Matters series:

This year the CUNY Innovative Teaching Academy is kicking off a new and virtual teaching workshop series. Teaching Matters is a monthly, free, one-hour summit of CUNY faculty and staff devoted to sharing innovative teaching strategies and student-centered learning methods. Each gathering includes a focused and engaged peer-to-peer workshop and a few practical teaching tips that can be used in any classroom.

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The CUNY Innovative Teaching Academy, established in 2020, aims to improve pedagogy at scale and recognize excellence and innovation in teaching by CUNY faculty. The Academy is predicated on the recognition that the quality of pedagogy and access to high-impact practices has a direct and measurable impact on the quantity and quality of degrees produced by CUNY and the ability of CUNY graduates to be well-positioned for meaningful careers and further study.