CSI and CUNY have prioritized the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff from the beginning of the pandemic. 

As such, CUNY has mandated COVID-19 vaccinations for students. The few students who have approved exclusions (religious or medical) must test on campus and socially distance themselves in classrooms. These students have been reminded of this mandate.  

While having a vaccine mandate makes our campus community much safer, we also mandate face coverings indoors for all students to maintain safety. Public Safety has increased monitoring of mask compliance. Additionally, on Tuesday, Dec. 14, the Health and Wellness Center sent an email to the entire campus community with tips on protecting yourself from COVID-19 during in-person final exams. Following that communication, department chairs were reminded by the Chief Academic Officer to reiterate the CUNY mask policy to all instructors. Moreover, CUNY has instituted randomized testing of students, faculty, and staff to help monitor COVID-19 infections on campus. The latest safety metrics CUNY-wide are reported on the CUNY COVID-19 Safety Tracker

Lastly, we know that the Omicron variant has been found in New York. The public health experts are researching it now, and current reports indicate that it will take time to get definitive answers on the impact of this mutation. Right now, the Delta variant is still the predominant variant. CSI and CUNY will continue to monitor developments with Delta and Omicron to ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff. 

As always, to report a positive case, please contact the appropriate office below:

Employees:  Human Resources at Humanresources@csi.cuny.edu

Students:  Student Affairs at healthcenter@csi.cuny.edu

Visitors:  Public Safety at publicSafety@csi.cuny.edu

We wish all of our students the best of luck on their final exams. 

By the Campus Coronavirus Liaisons: Jessica Collura, Danielle Dimitrov, and Michael Lederhandler