The Faculty and Staff Career Readiness Blackboard Site is available.

The Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) contributes directly to the social mobility of College of Staten Island students and alumni by empowering them to be marketable and competitive for lifelong career opportunities through the delivery of a comprehensive range of services and individualized support that respects student needs and diversity. The CCPD invites faculty and staff to collaborate with us in engaging students in “career readiness” classroom activities and opportunities that will promote sustained career and self-development growth and success.   

What CCPD Offers:

  • Formulation of an Individualized Career Plan (ICP)
  • Self-assessment and career decision-making strategies  and support
  • Career exploration and research
  • Internship search, application, and interview advisement 
  • Employment search, application, and interview consultation 
  • Professional self-branding and networking
  • Career Readiness skill building based on the NACE competencies
  • Pre-/post-interview preparation and strategies 
  • Full range of on-campus and virtual career skill-building resources 
  • Handshake, a career management tool for employers and students


CCPD recognizes the impact that faculty and staff play in the academic and career success of students. By fostering and strengthening collaborative partnerships, we hope to support faculty in bringing student career readiness into the classroom by advancing  career opportunities for students across all areas of study and to provide career resources to professional staff who work with students. 

Faculty and staff can:

  • Suggest topics for future career-development programming
  • Identify alumni who may want to participate in career programs, panels, etc.
  • Meet with employers interested in hiring your students
  • Encourage students to make the CCPD their “go to” center for all their career needs

CCPD staff are available to: 

  • Visit your classroom to provide information and/or career readiness activities that support your inclusion of career readiness in your course material 
  • Partner with you in developing or planning career-related classroom assignments, activities, or projects
  • Invite your students to CCPD for career-development planning as a follow up to your classroom material and instruction.
  • Provide you with up-to-date on-campus and virtual resources though the new Faculty and Staff Career Readiness Blackboard site. 

For more information on how to register for the Blackboard Career Readiness site, please contact us at or telephone us at 718.982.2300.

By Caryl Watkins and Joanne Hollan