The current volatile situation between Russia and Ukraine may bring forth additional vulnerabilities and phishing scams that could be circulated and appear in your email. As a reminder, if you receive any emails that look suspicious, please do not respond and immediately delete the email.

A phishing threat that is currently circulating around the Internet relates to a purchase coming from Apple. A copy of the phishing email is online. This is a very common threat where you are sent an email stating that you purchased an item or a service and information is provided in the email for you to question the purchase. The attacker wants you to either call the provided number, as is the case below, or click on the provided link where they will try and get personal information from you. 

Although we have security measures in place to block such attacks, some threats do make it through to your Inbox. This is due to the increased sophistication of the hackers and the ease of use related to the tools that are available to them.

As always, please be vigilant and cautious when reading email that seems “phishy.” If you are unsure of the legitimacy of an email, contact the HelpDesk for assistance:

By Thomas Lauria