The Russian invasion of Ukraine is on the minds of citizens across the globe and can bring forth a range of reactions.

There is the anxiety and fear that so many are experiencing for their own safety, the safety of their loved ones, and the future of Ukraine. There is concern about troop deployments and uncertainty about how sanctions against Russia may impact the global economy. There is also the challenge of how best to provide aid from afar.

For anyone experiencing the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, please know you are not alone. A list of local and national resources that may be able to assist in locating services, receiving aid, and providing support to Ukraine citizens, refugees, and those affected in neighboring regions is online.

You and your family members also have access to CCA@YourService, a free confidential benefit providing support, information, and referrals for a variety of needs and concerns, such as:

  • Emotional well-being
  • Physical and psychological safety
  • Humanitarian aid and relief organizations

CCA@YourService can be reached confidentially at 800.833.8707. Counselors and work-life specialists are available 24/7, ready to assist. You can find continually updated information and guidance related to Ukraine under the “News for You” section of the member Website at

Be well.

By the Office of Human Resources