Stress is something we all experience, sometimes multiple times a day.

The good news: Stress is a normal and healthy reaction, especially when we view what is happening to us as a threat, we find it difficult to cope with uncertainty, or we’ve taken on too much.

More good news: Relief is in reach. There are a number of ways to manage stress and feel more in control of your situation.  

Even better news: On a weekly basis for the remainder of April, Human Resources will send out more stress management tips such as :

·        Communication and Stress – gain tips for improved communication (and listening) when stressed

·        Benefits of Breathing – learn some of the simplest and most effective exercises you can do to control stress

·        Stress Management Preparedness Plan – have a plan in place for when the going gets tough 

·        Stress Management Survey – take stock of your biggest stressors and identify appropriate coping strategies

CCA@YourService, our Employee Assistance Program, offers confidential in the moment support—with referrals to short-term professional counseling—to help when things seem overwhelming. The program also offers confirmed, matched referrals to help take the stress out of provider location for caregiving, daily convenience, health and wellness, legal, and financial needs.

CCA@YourService can be reached confidentially, 24/7 at 800-833-8707. To log on click here and use “cuny” for the Company Code. For more information, please refer to the attached Stress Management Service Highlight flyer, along  with the  Stress Awareness Month flyer– understand your relationship with stress and what you have the power to change.

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