CSI moves to an online platform to make better use of on campus space, foster community, access, affordability.

The College of Staten Island is officially joining many of their fellow system schools in partnering with Akademos to transition to an online bookstore. The launch of the new bookstore platform will reduce the cost of course materials and provide a customized experience for students and faculty. The move online also frees up additional student space for the Campus Center

 “Our aspiration as a college is to create a rigorous education that will enhance the career advancement of students from diverse backgrounds — and removing barriers to affordability and access is a critical component of that work,” said Timothy G. Lynch, Interim President at CSI. “Shifting our bookstore experience online will not only offer students greater access to a variety of course materials at the lowest cost, it will also help us address the way COVID-19 has changed the needs of our campus community.”

Rising textbook costs continue to be a major driver for the overall cost of a college education. Nationally, textbook prices have continued to outstrip the cost of most other consumer goods, adjusted for inflation. A survey of more than 22,000 college students also found that the cost of required textbooks can have a negative impact on student success, with some respondents indicating high prices can lead to earning a poor grade, failing a course, or not registering for a course.

The College of Staten Island also places a high value on fostering a supportive community and will now be able to use the former bookstore space to do just that. In a post-pandemic world, providing new opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and alumni to create personal connections in a safe environment is immeasurable.

“As city colleges and universities continue to explore new and creative approaches to enhance and improve the student experience, an online bookstore helps ensure the best possible value,” said Raj Kaji, CEO of Akademos. “The College of Staten Island’s innovative approach to course materials will help make possible a high-quality, affordable educational experience for their diverse population of students.”

About Akademos

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