CUNY requires that all Microsoft 365 (M365) accounts be enabled with multi-factor authentication (MFA). We are implementing MFA in two phases. The first phase went live in June. The second phase will include the entire campus and is scheduled for the week of July 25.

MFA helps prevent accounts from becoming compromised by requiring a second sign-in with a unique code. The code can be obtained through the Microsoft Authenticator App, downloaded to your mobile device. The authentication is the preferred method; however, you can also get the code via a text message or phone call to a cell phone or office phone.

Documentation has been created to assist you in setting up, signing in to, and changing your Multi-Factor account for M365. Please see below. 

Setting up Multi-Factor Authentication for Microsoft 365 Account

Setting up the Microsoft Authenticator App (iPhone)

Change the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Options for your Microsoft 365 Account

Installing the MS Authentication App on an iPhone

Installing the MS Authentication App on an Android phone

Please contact the Technology Training Team (718.982.2345) with any questions. Please contact the HelpDesk if you require any technical support (718.982.HELP).

Thank you.

By the Office of Technology Services