In 2019, prior to the pandemic, approximately 85 Konica Minolta multi-function machines and copiers on campus went off-lease and off-maintenance. You may have one in your office. At that time, Operations had proposed a plan to save critical funding at the College and to improve our environmental footprint by consolidating use of copiers, but the pandemic forestalled that implementation. Now, after two years of remote work, we’ve all learned how to distribute documents at no cost, very efficiently, through email, Dropbox, and Teams—lessons that will serve us well as we make this transition.

With collaboration and support from OIT and Finance, the proposed plan is ready for implementation. It entails the installation of new high-capacity machines at centralized locations in each building to be shared by local departments on every floor. These machines will be networked with secure safeguards to ensure only document “owners” can see and retrieve them at the machine. 

This week we begin a “pilot program” among several departments on the first and second floors of 1A and 2A, and will monitor feedback to see if adjustments in the plan are needed. Updates will be provided to faculty and staff as the plan unfolds.

Here is what you need to know:

1.  Presuming our pilot program is successful in 1A and 2A, and as we work out any kinks, we will continue with available funding to purchase new machines and locate them in accessible areas to be shared by multiple departments and offices.

2.  As new machines are installed on campus, some of the better-functioning Konica Minoltas will be relocated to replace those that are in chronic need of repair.

3.  There is a contractor working for the College on a time-and-materials basis to repair our Konica Minoltas. If your machine is not working, please contact Operations, as you would normally, so that a service visit can be scheduled.

4.  Please remember that Reprographics has a very user-friendly order form through which your print order can be fulfilled for pick-up, or delivery to your office. The form can be found at  Reprographics Request Form . We urge you to have Reprographics do the printing for you when feasible.

We know that everyone is eager to work together to reduce cost and waste for the College by continuing to distribute electronically whenever possible, by sending print work to Reprographics, and by taking those extra steps to a nearby multi-function copier when one is made available near you.

Thank you.

By Keith J. Pisons