I am writing to provide an update to the M365 migration. As noted in my welcome back communication, Information Technology continues to make progress and we are working diligently with CUNY on the following:

  • Mail Migration: Information Technology is currently testing software that will be used to migrate mail into M365. This software will eliminate manual uploads allowing for your mail settings (email, calendar, contacts, etc.) to be automatically available in the new environment. The testing of this technology will not have any impact on your current mail environment.
  • Voice mail: In the current on-premise environment, CSI’s Avaya phone system integrates with Exchange in order for voicemail to appear in your inbox. IT will be working on configurations that will allow for CSI’s phone system to integrate with TEAMS in order to support this functionality.
  • Support: IT will be creating a Zoom meeting with breakout rooms based on specific topics. In addition, we are in the process of finalizing support documentation, which will be available on our Website. Our FAQ page is available to answer any additional questions.

I will provide updates over the next several weeks as we continue to make progress.

Thank you for your continued support,

By Patricia Kahn, PhD