Faculty Center events for the week of Oct. 31, Nov. 1-4 are as follows:

Faculty Center EdTech Assistance
TitleDate & TimeAccess Link
Drop-in SessionOct. 31 at 10:00amClick here
One-on-One SessionOct. 31 at 1:00pmClick here
Drop-in SessionNov. 1 at 10:00amClick here
One-on-One SessionNov. 1 at 1:00pmClick here
Drop-in SessionNov. 2 at 10:00amClick here
One-one-One SessionNov. 2 at 3:00pmClick here
Drop-in SessionNov. 3 at 10:00amClick here
One-one-One SessionNov 4. at 10:00amClick here
One-on-One Sessions by appointment only. Please email to make appointment.
Contact Fausto Canela at: Fausto.Canela@csi.cuny.edu for any additional information you may need

By Fausto Canela