The Dolphin Pod, the College of Staten Island’s official Athletics podcast relaunched yesterday after an 18-month hiatus, debuting its Season 3 with an episode featuring a conversation with Men’s Basketball Head Coach T.J. Tibbs with podcast Host Joseph Foreman.

Foreman was an original co-host of The Dolphin Pod alongside former Associate Director of Athletics David Pizzuto until departing from CSI in the summer of 2020. Pizzuto hosted the final installment of the show alongside co-host Nicholas Doran in May of 2021, exactly 18 months ago yesterday.  The podcast originally debuted in November of 2019 with a 34-episode first season, most of which was hosted by Foreman and Pizzuto.  After taking over Foreman’s role as co-host late in the show’s first season, Doran hosted Season 2 alongside Pizzuto.  The show’s second season began in September of 2021 and spanned 32 episodes through May of the following year.  Former guests include CSI student-athletes, coaches, administrators, and alumni highlighted by a interview with broadcasting legend Kenny Albert during season two.

Recently returning to CSI as Athletic Communications Coordinator, Foreman revived the podcast solo for this pilot episode.  However, guest hosts are expected to join him throughout the remainder of the season.  New to The Dolphin Pod with its revival is complete video of the show which can be found on the CSI SportsNet YouTube page here

Speaking about the show’s relaunch, Foreman said, “I have a lot of new ideas that I would like to incorporate into The Dolphin Pod moving forward. This pilot episode allowed me to begin integrating some of those, specifically the video component to the show and the ability to share what we see on our in-studio monitor with our viewers at home. We’re still waiting on some other pieces that we are eager to move into the set such as our backdrops, but I’m excited to bring this project back to life after a year and a half away.”

In addition to being available on the CSI SportsNet YouTube page and at, The Dolphin Pod is still available on most major audio platforms.  The Dolphins Pod returns with new episodes set to premiere no less frequently than every other week. For the latest on The Dolphin Pod, visit our landing page here.