(I) Health Plan Rates Effective October 2022

Payroll deductions for the basic plans and optional riders for most New York City Health Benefits Program plans changed, effective October 2022. Please go online to view the current rate chart. These changes were scheduled to impact the Thursday, Oct. 20, 2022 paycheck and beyond. However, because this information was received after the payroll deadline, the new rates were reflected one pay date later on Thursday, Nov. 3, 2022. As a result, the University Benefits Office will need to recover or refund the differences between the former rates and the new rates for all employees enrolled in the affected plans. This will be done through deduction adjustments in your upcoming paycheck(s).

Please note that while some rates were increased, others have decreased. See section II for detailed information.

Please also be advised that these rates are subject to change. In the event of a rate change, your payroll deduction may either decrease or increase. You will be notified of any future rate changes.

(II) Arears Adjustments and Refunds

October 2022 adjustment deductions will impact the Thursday, Nov. 17, 2022 paycheck date. You may refer to the chart below to determine the adjustment amount for your plan. The adjustment deduction will be reflected under deduction code BTXADJ or ATXADJ at the flat amount listed below.

If you’re unsure of the health insurance plan in which you’re enrolled, review the “Deductions” section of your paycheck stub and the corresponding “Plan Description” listed below.

$209.77UF1US Hlth HMO Ind Basic$3.0211/17/2022
$855.82UF3US Hlth HMO Fam Basic$7.4111/17/2022
$1,188.00UF6US Hlth HMO Ind+Rdr$3.0211/17/2022
$489.16AB1CIGNA Indiv Basic$3.0211/17/2022
$1,319.39AB3CIGNA Fam Basic$7.4111/17/2022
$641.00AB6CIGNA Indiv Basic+$3.0211/17/2022
$1,778.94AB8CIGNA Fam Basic+$7.4111/17/2022
$450.5006HEmpire EPO Indiv Basic$3.0211/17/2022
$1,146.5708HEmpire EPO Fam Basic$7.4111/17/2022
$632.8106JEmpire EPO Ind Basic+$3.0211/17/2022
$1,593.5108JEmpire EPO Fam Basic+$7.4111/17/2022
$185.60EB1Empire NY HMO Ind Basic$3.0211/17/2022
$542.44EB3Empire NY HMO Fam Basic$7.4111/17/2022
$367.91EB6Empire NY HMO Ind+R$3.0211/17/2022
$989.38EB8Empire NY HMO Fam+R$7.4111/17/2022
$122.360W6Wellcare Indiv Basic$3.0211/17/2022
$351.390W8Wellcare Family Basic$7.4111/17/2022
$335.730X6Wellcare Indiv  +Rdr$3.0211/17/2022
$895.540X8Wellcare Family  +Rdr$7.4111/17/2022
$519.5406MHIP Choice Indiv Basic$3.0211/17/2022
$1,272.8808MHIP Choice Fam Basic$7.4111/17/2022
$690.8406NHIP Choice Ind Basic+$3.0211/17/2022
$1,692.5708NHIP Choice Fam Basic+$7.4111/17/2022
$2.630KAGHI-CBP Ind + Enh Reim$0.7211/17/2022
$6.650XFGHI-CBP Fam + Enh Reim$1.8311/17/2022
$42.330DAGHI-CBP Ind + Full Rider$5.4111/17/2022
$79.420RFGHI-CBP Fam + Full Rider$10.4011/17/2022

Refunds for all decreased rates will impact the November 17, 2022 paycheck. The refunds will appear as a regular health insurance deduction, less the refund amount. Therefore, you should not expect to see a negative or separate refund amount on your check stubs.

Example: 041 plan’s rate decreased by $20.53 (from $74.71 to $54.18). If you are enrolled in this plan, your November 17, 2022 check stub will reflect one health insurance deduction amount of $33.65 (instead of the regular $54.18 deduction and a $20.53 refund).

Deduction CodePlanRefundPAY DATE
041HIP HMO Ind +Drugs-$20.5311/17/2022
043HIP HMO Fam +Drugs-$37.6611/17/2022

If you have any additional questions, please contact Anne Alarcon via email at Anne.Alarcon@csi.cuny.edu.

By the Office of Human Resources