Happy Monday! Information Technology is making progress on the mail migration to M365.
Here’s where things currently stand:

  1. Mail migration: we are completing the mail migration of mail boxes for all users. Some mailboxes are still outstanding because of their size. These will be addressed separately. As we continue with the mail migration, access to your mail will not be impacted.
  2. Pop ups: The helpdesk is working with individuals who are experiencing pops up when accessing email. The issue is related to the version of the operating system and office application you are running, or you are using a personal device on campus. We realize this can be an inconvenience and when we complete the migration these pop ups will be eliminated. Until then, it is suggested to login to OWA to access your mail.
  3. Voice Mail: Integrating our legacy telecom system has been challenging. Without getting too technical, we are making progress and our testing has confirmed that users who are connected to the newer of the three phone systems on campus have successfully received voice mail in their email. We are currently working on configurations for the north and south side.
  4. Information Technology is still planning a go live date, where you will be only using M365 for your email. Once our internal testing is completed and voice mail is working for all users, we will begin to communicate this schedule as well as providing a town hall to address any questions you may have.

Thank you for your continued patience!