The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in conjunction with Istituto Italiano di Cultura New York) has awarded a grant to the Italian program at the College of Staten Island.

The grant is for 7,000 Euros (approximately $7,472), and it’s the seventh-straight time CSI is a recipient of the grant, accounting for funds in excess of $96,000. Associate Professor Chiara Ferrari, Co-Coordinator of the Italian program and department liaison with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, can attest to the ways in which it has allowed the College to improve its programs.

“These grants have enabled the Department of World Languages and Literatures to bring to campus an instructor in Italian during each Fall semester of 2016-20,” Ferrari stated. “These funds have also made possible a new Italian Studies “Italy Abroad” scholarship for CSI majors and minors of Italian Studies, a merit-based award for students to study with a CSI partner institution or other accredited universities and programs in Italy.  Since 2020-21 the award has subsidized several language courses.”

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs grant is a competitive nationwide award that only a handful of US colleges and universities receive based on the strength of their programmatic offering and faculty qualifications. 

“The Italian program is appreciative of the Italian government’s support and honored to have received this competitive award that enables us to enhance the College’s curricular offerings,” Ferrari said.

For more information on the grant and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs visit their Website.