Learning Management System (Blackboard): Creating Course Content is a general overview of the different types of instructional content needed for tech-enhanced, hybrid, online, and/or hyflex course(s), and an orientation designed to introduce instructors to all the individual, group, static, and interactive course content possibilities available for use within CUNY’s installation of Bb.

Faculty Center Drop-in Sessions

In addition to this week’s workshop, we are also offering Virtual Drop-in sessions. This week, the Drop-in Center will be open from 11:00am to noon, Tuesday – Friday. As with the workshops, Drop-in Sessions can be accessed via the direct links on the online table.

One-on-One Session: Setting Up Specific Features of My Course

The purpose of the one-on-one sessions is to give faculty members the opportunity to meet with Faculty Center staff and address specific features or issues related to their Blackboard courses. One-one-one sessions are by appointment only and faculty members are encouraged to email Fausto Canela at Fausto.Canela@csi.cuny.edu to schedule an appointment.

By Fausto Canela