The spring term is about to begin. I’d like to take this opportunity to share some important dates and deadlines set within the academic calendar can have great impact on our students. 

Important Academic Calendar Dates*: 

  • Tuesday, Jan. 24: Last day to get a 100% refund for dropping a class(es).  
  • Wednesday, Jan. 25: Classes begin.   
  • Tuesday, Jan. 31: Last day to add a class or swap a class. This is the date in which enrollment is captured for financial aid certification.  
  • Tuesday, Feb. 14: Census date. Last day a student can drop on CUNYfirst without a W grade on the transcript. 
  • Wednesday, Mar. 1: Last day for a student to apply for June 2023 graduation
  • Tuesday, May 16: Last day a student can drop themselves from a class in CUNYfirst with a grade of W (which bears no impact to their GPA). 

*The academic calendar is subject to change at any time by official action of the University. 


To accommodate the various February holidays and the timing of Spring Recess this year, and to ensure that all classes meet for the required number of sessions, the University calendar has established that: 

1.       Friday, May 12 and Saturday, May 13 are designated as Reading Days, AND 

2.       Regular class meetings are to be held on Sunday, May 14-Tuesday, May 16, AND 

3.       The final exam period will run from Wednesday, May 17-Tuesday, May 23, 2023. 

  • Wednesday, May 17: Final exams for Monday/Wednesday classes and all Wednesday-only classes. 
  • Thursday, May 18: Departmental final exams for CHM; final exams for Tuesday/Thursday classes and all Thursday-only classes. 
  • Friday, May 19: Departmental final exams for BIO/CSC; final exams for all Friday-only classes. 
  • Saturday, May 20: Final exams for all Saturday-only classes. 
  • Sunday, May 21: Final exams for all Sunday-only classes. 
  • Monday, May 22: Final exams for Monday/Wednesday classes and all Monday-only classes. 
  • Tuesday, May 23: Final exams for Tuesday/Thursday classes and all Tuesday-only classes; departmental final exams for MTH given during Club Hours only (2:30-4:25pm). 
  • Departmental final exams are listed above for subjects that combine sections of a class and/or need longer than the regular class period to administer. This semester, departmental exams overlap with the regular exam schedule: Please work with students who have conflicts. 
  • Regular final exams for all synchronous classes (which include time patterns in CUNYfirst) are to be given during their regularly scheduled meeting time, following the schedule above. Adherence to this schedule will avoid conflicts for our students during exam time. Since asynchronous classes do not have scheduled meeting times, final exam arrangements for non-departmental exams may vary. 

Lastly, as an early alert, final grades are due no later than 11:59pm on Friday, May 26, 2023. 

Best wishes for a successful semester. 

By Susan Massara