Please see the following memorandum from The City University of New York:

As previously communicated, we have implemented Zoom security settings on December 27th that enforced meeting passcodes and waiting rooms for all Zoom meetings. This email provides additional information regarding Zoom meeting passcodes and waiting rooms.


Any meetings that were scheduled prior to December 27th that did not require a passcode have been updated to require a passcode.  

For these meetings, meeting organizers should send an invitation update that includes the passcode to ensure that attendees can access the meeting.

Regarding Waiting Rooms

The CUNY-wide Zoom waiting room setting means that meeting attendees either:

  • Wait in the waiting room until admitted by the person in charge of the meeting or a meeting co-host.


  • Bypass the waiting room and be directly admitted to the meeting if they logged into the meeting using their CUNY Zoom account.

Zoom users can change their meeting security settings at to require all attendees to be held in the waiting room OR allow some attendees to bypass the waiting room and immediately access the meeting.  

For information on changing Zoom waiting room options, users can visit How do I change my Zoom meeting’s waiting room options? in CUNY IT Help or register to attend a Zoom Security Training Webinar on January 18, 23, or 24.

By CSI Technology Services