This message provides a status update on the M365 migration, which occurred Friday, Feb. 17. We are pleased to state that all mailboxes have been migrated. There are a few anomalies, and users have contacted IT Staff for assistance. What follows are popular questions IT has been receiving and steps to rectify.

  1. Mobile Phone Synchronization (iOS Devices) – client
    1. Microsoft has determined that using the client to access email on an iOS device could be problematic with multifactor authentication. You can try to install the latest OS – 16.2 for MFA.
    2. If the client does not work, downloading the Microsoft Outlook app is the only option.
    3. Instructions are available on our Website under FAQs: Reconfigure MAC, iOS, or Android Devices.
  2. Shared Calendars and Mailboxes
    1. Some of our users have a shared mailbox with another department. These mailboxes were migrated with the appropriate permissions. However, the mailboxes are not visible and have to be manually added as per the following steps:

1.     Sign in to your M365 Web email account.

2.     Navigate to the Folder pane on the left side of the screen.

3.     Right-click on “Folders.”

4.     Click on “Add shared folder or mailbox.”

5.     Enter the email address of the shared mailbox. Note: The email address of a department email should be entered with CSI as the prefix, e.g., CSI TechnologyTraining.

6.     Click Add.

Instructions are available on our Website under FAQs: Email Elements

  1. Multiple Affiliates and Single Tenant
    1. If you have multiple active campus affiliations in M365, you will have a combined mailbox with your primary affiliation as the return address. (e.g., you also teach at The Graduate Center)
    2. If CSI is your primary affiliation, this will be your return address.
    3. You can manually choose to send mail from your affiliate address (e.g., Graduate Center) by changing the “from” field in a new message.
  2. Help and Support
    We are extending our Zoom support for next week in addition to the HelpDesk and M365 hotline. For more information, visit the Website under Help Support and Training.

By Patricia Kahn, PhD