We are proud to invite you to our World on Wednesday Lecture Series for the Spring 2023 term. Our World on Wednesday Lecture Series is designed to bring a glimpse of the larger global environment to all of us at CSI and to remind us of the global issues that remain present in the world today.

The Spring 2023 series will be delivered via Zoom in a virtual format.

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Spring 2023 WOW Lectures

Combating Drugs and Opioids Crises in Nigeria

Date: Wednesday, Mar. 1 – 12:20pm-1:10pm  

Speaker: Sunny Irakpo, Founder and President, Silec Initiatives, Anti-drug Advocate, and U.S./Nigeria Anti-Drug Abuse Ambassador   

Summary:  Mr. Irakpo, Founder and President, Silec Initiatives, Anti-drug Advocate, and U.S./Nigeria Anti-Drug Abuse Ambassador, will share the issue of drugs and substance that affects many countries of the world, as well as Nigeria. The abuse involves not just conventional drugs but unconventional opioids, which are certified safe for human consumption but are constantly being abused on a daily basis.  

Mountains, Chocolates, and Women’s Rights in Switzerland  

Date: Wednesday, March 8 – 12:20pm-1:10pm 

Speaker: Sarolta Takacs, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences 

Summary: The first federal vote in which Swiss women were able to participate was the October 31, 1971 election of the Federal Assembly. However, it was not until a 1990 decision by the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland that women gained full voting rights in the last holdout, the Swiss canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden. Come to learn about why Swiss people love chocolate and the luxurious mountain paradise with Dr. Takacs. 

Turkey’s Political Landscape: Navigating Current Challenges  

Date: Wednesday, Mar. 15 – 12:20pm-1:10pm  

Speaker: Halil Ege Ozen, Political Science and Global Affairs 

Summary: Professor Ege from the Political Science and Global Affairs Department will explore the current events and politics of Turkey, including the effects of the most recent earthquake, the country’s economic struggles, the ongoing repression and exclusion of the Kurdish political movement, and the erosion of democratic norms under the dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Dr. Ege will also address the issues and possible outcomes of the upcoming elections in Turkey.  

Life of a Research Scholar  

Date: Wednesday, Mar. 22 – 12:20pm-1:10pm

Speaker:  Jieun Kim and Hyun Jung Kim, Visiting Scholars from South Korea

Summary: Come and learn about life as a scholar, lessons learned, and new perspectives, and be inspired.

By Winnie Brophy