Abound, an online college guidance system for degree-seeking adults, has named the College of Staten Island to its exclusive list of the nation’s Best Colleges for Adults in 2023. CSI was listed among 192 colleges, including 17 from New York State, excelling at meeting the needs of mature learners, some of whom are returning to the classroom after many years.

The methodology used by Abound measures such factors as accessibility for attending courses on evenings and weekends and online, childcare opportunities for students, affordability, acceleration toward a degree and persistence towards graduation, and advancement, measured through the institution’s commitment to the long-term success of its students. CSI graded high in the above categories, making it one of six CUNY institutions to make the list.

 “The College of Staten Island’s commitment to success for all of its students is on display and we are proud of our work with returning students and adult learners,” said CSI Interim President Dr. Timothy G. Lynch. “Having students return to the classroom to complete their degrees provides them with increased opportunities for employment and advancement in industry upon graduation, and we are proud to offer that opportunity to more and more adult learners.”

According to Abound, an increasing number of adults are making the decision to enroll or reenroll in college to earn their degree. In fact, approximately 33% of college students in the U.S. are over 25 years old. Many attend institutions part-time, on evenings and weekends, and take advantage of expansive online course offerings that allow more flexibility for those employed full-time.

For the full report of Abound’s 2023 Best Colleges for Adults visit their Website.