Please be aware that a phishing/spam email message is circulating throughout the College. The email is pretending to be from President Lynch. The email is fake. One of the ways you can tell the email is fake is by looking at the from address. Even though the from sender name states Timothy G Lynch, the from email address is not a College address. This particular email used as the from address.

If you responded to the email you would have received a return email asking you to purchase gift cards for the President’s team.  Please keep in mind that the President will never ask you to purchase gift cards for himself or his team. If you received this email, please delete. If you responded to the email and have any concerns contact the College’s Helpdesk at or directly to me.

By Thomas A. Lauria

The phishing/spam email follows:

—–Phishing/Spam Message—–

From: Timothy G. Lynch <>

* This email originates from a sender outside of CUNY. Verify the sender before replying or clicking on links and attachments. *

Do you have a moment? I have a request . i’m in conference meeting right now and only have access to mail.No calls,Just reply my email

Timothy G. Lynch



sent from my mail