The College of Staten Island’s Tech Talent Pipeline Residency Program is inviting the CSI community to its Pre-Internship Capstone Showcase event on Thursday, August 17, in the Recital Hall of the Center for Performing Arts (1P). The event, held from 1pm to 4pm, showcases projects and research from Computer Science students who have entered into the TTP program.

According to the TTP, the showcase “is an opportunity for a select group of Computer Science majors at CSI to showcase their creativity, innovation, and problem-solving abilities.” TTP participants will also demonstrate use of PERN stack web-development in the presentations, which the cohort learned during their 10-week pre-internship bootcamp program.

Those wishing to attend can do so via the TTP Registration Link. The event is free for all attendees, and promises to be an exciting step for TTP’s budding developers and they take the next step in becoming top-notch web developers in the tech industry.

For more information on the Tech Talent Pipeline, visit their Website.