Check out what CSI IM and REC has to offer this week and each week coming up. 

This week’s Special Event will be a Are You Career Ready!? Online TRIVIA GAME. This event is PG and CC CLUE. Be sure to register before Thursday to receive the Zoom link. Go online to view our Special Events page and to register. 

Coming up next week is IM and REC’s first set of IM Sports Tournaments, first with a 5v5 Flag Football Tournament on Thursday, Oct. 19 at 2:30pm, and on Friday, Oct. 20, there will be a 3-Point Contest/1v1 Basketball Tournament. Be sure to pre-register online. 

All tournaments need at least three teams (or 15 individual registrations) for the tournament to be held.

Continuing each week is our Open REC Sports (currently for the month of October). Go online to view the list. 

For a full list of IM and REC Events in the month of October, please go online.

By CSI IM and Rec