Please be sure to take a moment to review CUNY’s Gift policy in the below email: 

Some key points to highlight as we are entering the holiday season:

  1. Please be sure to forward this communication to all of your staff.
  2. Gifts from subordinates to supervisors are prohibited. This pertains to all supervisory roles including managers, directors, deans, and all executive staff titles. 
  3. Gifts above $15 from vendors, students, parents, publishers, or interested persons/businesses who are doing or have done business with CUNY in recent history is also prohibited.
  4. Any perishable gifts worth more than $15, such as fruit baskets or other food, must be either returned to the sender, donated to charity, or placed in a common area of the office. Non-perishable gifts must be returned to the sender.

Have a wonderful holiday season.

By Wendy Mercado