CSI Professor in the Department of Media Culture Valerie Tevere, along with collaborator Angel Nevarez, will be screening a single-channel cut of The Slow Drop at the New Orleans Jazz Museum during this upcoming Gala weekend.

The show can be found here: https://nolajazzmuseum.org/events/2023/12/01/sound-collage-2023. Showtime tonight starts at 6pm, and is rebroadcast tomorrow.

The Slow Drop includes a spatial music performance, a multi-screen video and sound installation, and a series of photographic portraits of musician collaborators focusing on a reaction to climate change. Tevere and Nevarez began working with New Orleans Musicians’ Village musicians / residents in January of 2020, continued remotely over the pandemic, and then again in-person through 2021 and 2022. Collaborating musicians include Danny Abel, Sam Albright, Denise Bonis, Tom Chute, Sula Janet Evans, Helen Gillet, Edward Lee Jr., Thomas McDonald, Margie Perez, Troy Sawyer, Gabriel Velasco, and Chip Wilson. 

You can find out more information regarding the project at https://nevareztevere.info/works/the-slow-drop